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Dark Fall 1: The Journal

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A twisted supernatural tale!

The old, abandoned train station at Dowerton hides a history of disappearances, mystery and hauntings. The nearby Station Hotel was once a busy, bustling place for weary travellers to rest and relax...but something went wrong...on the night of April 29th, 1947, the guests and staff vanished without trace, never to be seen again.

The nearby villagers believe the place is haunted by the souls who were 'taken' that last night. Many decades passed, until your arrival. You must explore the old station and hotel with nothing but your wits, and bravery, to guide you. Your skills as a ghost hunter will determine whether you solve the mystery, and discover the truth behind the Dark Fall.
Explore the haunted hotel and train station, alone at night.
  • Use ghost hunting gadgets to 'see' into the past, and hear the dead.
  • An eerie, World War 2 setting is fully realised in 3D graphics.
  • Use detective skills to uncover secret places and learn long lost secrets.
  • Challenge the mind by solving many devious puzzles and enigmas.
  • Decipher an ancient, long forgotten, language.
  • A non-linear story by Jonathan Boakes, author of The Lost Crown.
  • Full cast of actors & sound to bring the haunted location to spooky life!
  • Utilize high-tech surveillance equipment, to watch supernatural activity.
  • Research local ghost stories to learn more about the Dark Fall.

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