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Diamonds in the Rough

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You play the role of a 20 year old American called Jason Hart. Jason is a high school dropout who works as an office boy. All that is about to change in the beginning of our story, when he is approached by a mysterious man who seems to know more about him than Jason does himself.

The man claims to represent an organization that recruits people who are believed to have "special abilities". Those abilities could be telepathy, telekinesis, or other extraordinary powers. Jason has had such an ability all his life, fearing to admit it to himself, let alone others. He accepts the job offer for this organization, which is called "Diamonds in the Rough".

The story begins as soon as Jason moves to a town in the Midwest, where he will be employed doing this mysterious "work". He will soon start to wonder who he is really working for, and what the purpose of the organization is.
  • A user friendly interface that will feel both familiar and innovative.
  • An intriguing storyline that will keep you glued to your seat until you witness the ending... which you will never forget.
  • Several scores of atmospheric music by Nikolas Sideris.
  • Ever wondered what the character you were controlling was thinking? In DITR, you will be able to access Jason's thoughts and use them as actual objects in the game, just like inventory items!