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Finding Teddy

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A little girl was sleeping peacefully with her Teddy bear when suddenly, a monster popped out from her cupboard then stole her favorite plush. She has to find and recover her Teddy in this strange and magical world.

Still one question remains: will she be able to return to the real world?
  • An adventure divided into three chapters including dozens of riddles with multiple side quests.
  • Graphics completely handmade, realized pixel by pixel.
  • In a very traditional point and click way, the inventory is very easy to use. Just drag and drop the items where you want.
  • You can also click everywhere on the screen to interact with the environment. 
  • You will meet two characters who'll help you in your journey:
    • Mister Fly: Very useful to access some items where the little girl can't go. Very courteous.
    • Mister Cat: Has a bad temper, nevertheless useful to access small places and narrow galleries. Just need to scratch its back.
  • You can save the game anytime, if you get killed, you'll go back to the same place, no need to load your game. 
  • No dialogue. Puzzles are the main point of the game.