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Nostradamus the Last Prophecy

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Do you have what it takes to change the course of History? Use your gift of clairvoyance to prevent Nostradamus' final prediction: that a great misfortune will befall the French royal family. Nostradamus the Last Prophecy is set in 16th century Provence, in a country ravaged by religious wars and devastated by the plague.

It has been three years since Catherine de Medicis' rule came to an end, but she still holds the reins of power, making her the target of repeated attacks from the French nobility. One day in March 1566 she realizes that she has fallen victim to a terrible curse, she turns to her doctor and astrologer, Michel de Notre-Dame, better known as Nostradamus.

You'll be playing as Nostradamus' daughter Madeleine, conducting a murder investigation in this point and click adventure game full of puzzles, trickery, prophecy and history. In the sixteenth century conducting a murder mystery is not a simple task. Use your skills as an illusionist and follow the clues of the great master himself following the last of his great prophecies.
  • Defeat the last prophecy of the great philosopher Nostradamus and change the course of history!
  • Discover the first historical adventure game based on astrology and the prophecies of Nostradamus.
  • Get ready to investigate a series of murders perilously close to the royal family and become a criminal profiler ahead of time.
  • You can either be Nostradamus' daughter or play the role of her brother depending on the situation to help your mystical quest.
  • Unravel a series of machiavellian riddles and puzzles based not just on astrology but also alchemy, pharmacy and ancient runes.
  • Dive into Renaissance Provence ans discover richly realistic photo-quality background that faithfully recreate the time of Nostradamus.
  • Get into the action straight away thanks to intuitive gameplay and progressivly increasing difficulty level.

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