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Remedy The First Carol Reed Mystery

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Carol, an English girl in her twenties, is on a longer vacation in Sweden. She finds out that her detective friend has passed away. Through a letter, she learns that her friend was working on a complex case at the time of his death. Eager to help her friend solve his final case, she finds herself wrapped up in a mystery without really knowing where to begin, in a country where she hardly knows anybody. Using her wits and imagination, Carol starts to collect the bits and pieces that her friend left behind from his investigations, that might have lead to his death.
  • A story driven, first person point and click mystery adventure game, full of inventory based puzzles and clues to be uncovered through careful exploration.
  • Throughout the game, you have conversations with several interesting characters that help you crack your case.
  • There are lots of areas to be explored, both exterior and interior.
  • Remedy is shot in a real life environment, with over 1,000 photographs, retouched to give the impression of colorful water paintings.
  • The whole game takes place in Sweden, but is entirely in English. All spoken dialogue has subtitles.
  • The soundtrack consists of 22 original compositions.
  • The game contains no violence or foul language.
  • The interface is entirely mouse driven with a classic drag-and-drop inventory, directional arrows for orientation, and several action cursors for interaction.

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