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The Inquisitor - Book 1 - The Plague

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A will of steel, a heart of stone, intelligence as sharp as a knife, and wisdom as deep as oblivion.

Eymerich is called upon to investigate an obscure case. Something that goes way beyond heresy, revealing a new face of Evil. He must tackle a great number of arduous tasks and make many painful choices. Terrible creatures await him, but with his burning determination he will overcome a Plague that is deadlier than his worst possible nightmare.

Play a remorseless character to live an original story inspired by the famous novel of Valerio Evangelisti.
  • Numerous unique riddles and environments rich in detail
  • Sound effects, immersive atmosphere and enchanting original music
  • Voices in English, Italian
  • Texts in French, English, Italian, German, Spanish
Voices and texts in Latin for the best experience!
Divine's Help system to save players who get stuck

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